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Low Frequency Radiation
Low-frequency radiation, also known as "Electric Field" is produced by electrical distribution systems, pylons, electrical appliances, as well as internal household electrical wiring.

Electric Field is caused by Voltage, and unless the cabling in your home is shielded you will have an electric field emanating everywhere. This electric field can be detrimental to your health if not shielded against!

The main sources of electric field inside your home are but not limited to the following:

  1. Side bed lamps
  2. Cell phone charges
  3. Alarm Clocks
  4. Electric beds or Headboards
  5. Electric blankets
  6. Metal in mattresses, bed frames


  1. Electricity wires inside walls, floor and ceiling
  2. Wire webs underneath the desk and out of extension leads
  3. Ungrounded electronics
  4. Ungrounded monitors and laptops.
  5. Un-shielded cables

The building biologist exposure guidelines for Electric Field are:

  • Body voltage: 0.3 - 100mV  
  • Field Strength Potential-Free: 0.3-1.5V/m

Anything over the above figures represents a health risk (depending on the recorded values) and requires proper investigation.

The good news about Electric fields is that they can be mitigated and shielded against and there are many solutions available for that purpose.
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