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Harmonization of EMF and Geopathic Stress
There are many devices on the market which claim to harmonize EMFs and to therefore reduce the harmful effects on the body. While one should tend to be a little skeptical of claims made, but we have have found a technology (Memon) which many clients have found to be beneficial.

Our usual recommendation is to shield the sleeping area and then to consider a memon plug-in device to help mitigate the effects of radiation during the day time.

The video on the right  is an interview with Dr Yurkovsky, a practicing doctor, of the effects that memon has had with his patients (2 mins)

What's Memon?
Memon technology was invented by Winfried Dochow in response to his developing cancer. He realised during his research that everything at the quantum level is energy and that information (which is energy contained within any type of matter) is passed out to the surrounding environment. This information can be either healing or disease-forming to living organisms.

Through a great deal of research he found that EMFs gave out disease-forming information which could be negated by a process of destructive interference at the information energy level of the cells. Memon destroys the pathogenic information that is carried by the EMF polluted signal, it instantaneously senses the pathogenic information carried by the EMF signal and then creates a complete mirror opposite  image of it which would eventually cancel it out.

Memon Technology
One of the most popular and most effective range of devices for harmonising EMFs and Geopathic Stress is Memon.

The advantages of Memon technology are:

1. Effective and simple to use
2. Neutralizes the negative, weakening effects produced by EMFs
3. Shields against the negative impacts of Geopathic Stress
4. Scientific studies demonstrate its effectiveness
5. Many case studies and testimonials
6. Covers wide range of situations: home, car, mobile phone, water, individual protection.

Below is an overview of what memon is deigned to do, and how it does it…
In buildings, the existing electrical system effectively creates an  electromagnetic field which is further amplified by the influence of high frequency radiation from WiFi or mobile communications. This electromagnetic field causes a redistribution of ions which  negatively affects the development of fine particulate matter as well  as the natural cell metabolism in humans. The memon technology is able to modulate natural frequencies onto  this electromagnetic field (among other things by using silicon as  storage medium in the memonizers) thereby neutralizing the pathogenic  information based on the principle of resonance. The result is a renatured indoor environment in which the fine  particulate matter in the air is reduced and in which the human organism  (among others) can naturally regenerate and self-regulate again.
Other example of human blood cells before then after mobile phone use , then again after the same time using the phone with Memon technology installed. This result is also seen throughout Memon technology, from computers through to driving a car.

  • The 1 minute video on the right shows live blood taken from a volunteer - The first sample is before using a mobile phone.
  • The second sample is AFTER making a 15 minute mobile phone call. The blood is static and clumped together.
  • The FINAL blood sample shown is after a SECOND 15 minute mobile phone call. But for the duration of THIS call, a Memonizer MOBILE was installed in the phone. The blood flows freely again!

Please visit our Memon products  page for more info on the what is available based on this technology

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